Brain tumour charity Christmas cards. Where 100% goes to charity.

It is generally believed by stores that 10% of the proceeds of Christmas card sales is an acceptable amount to pass on to charitable causes in order to label their cards as 'charity Christmas cards'. We do not think this is generous, but it is better than the quite usual 2-3% in earlier years*.

brainstrust brain tumour charity Christmas cards 

At brainstrust we've a great way of solving this problem. The production costs of our Christmas cards have been sponsored by one of our generous corporate supporters, meaning that we are able to say that 100% of the proceeds (before postage) of our card sales go to our charitable work.

That's right, if you spend £4.00 on a pack of 10 cards, we will receive £4.00, and we will spend that £4.00 on projects that genuinely help brain tumour patients and their carers in your area. 

So please, take a peep at our 2018 range of cards, and know that every penny is helping someone fighting a brain tumour this Christmas.


*Research by the  Charities Advisory Trust