The Trouble with Mona Lisa - collection of poems by Peter Butler


‘The Trouble with Mona Lisa’, a new collection by award-winning London-based poet Peter Butler. 
Alba Publishing, 64 pages, £10 (+ £2.00 UK postage)

 Leonardo da Vinci is furious with his model, Mona Lisa, vanishing to the toilet, losing her contact lens. An elderly ornithologist creates The Less Spotted Grumbok, a bird which sunbathes in the Arctic, can sing across eight octaves and has a profound understanding of Dickens.

In 2204,The International Climate Executive  postpones a planned rain forest in the Sahara,and the Swiss put in an unscheduled order for some of our snow, while Blind Bert proves by far the brightest in an Adult Education Class.

London-based poet Peter Butler’s fourth book of poems is both hilarious and compassionate, a mix of prose and short poems. He has been widely published in the USA and Pacific, as well as the UK. The proceeds of every sale support our work to help people in the UK living with a brain tumour.